Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cows - Sorry in Pig Minor

1998, Amphetamine Reptile

1. Cabin Man
2. Finished Again
3. No, I'm Not Coming Out
4. Dear Dad
5. Eurekal Funday!
6. Death in the Tall Weeds
7. El Shiksa
8. Life After Beth
9. Saliva of the Fittest
10. Felon of Troy
11. Say Uncle

I was surprised to see that "Sorry in Pig Minor" by the Cows hasn't been posted here yet. I've actually been meaning to post this for a while. Not only is it a fantastic album by the wonderfully wierd, noisy, eclectic, schitzophrenic, Cows - but this particular album was produced by none other than Buzz Osborne. (I know what you're thinking.. Who the hell is that?)

Highlights of this album have to be "Finished Again", "El Shiksa" and of course "Cabin Man", which is a pretty fucking brilliant story about a cockroach. Sound wierd? What else would you expect from the Cows?


blessedhands said...

does anyone have some cows live?

Anonymous said...

maybe ill take a look

Sebastian Sharif said...

Hey! Any chance you could reupload this?

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