Thursday, October 22, 2009

tigon - self-titled 7"

released 2009

i was sent this very 7" awhile back by the guitar player of the band that goes by the name jon...he had come across the blog by of a link on the built on a weak spot blog (which you should check out as well)...and he liked all of the melvins stuff that's been posted here

and i had fully intended to post it here...but life got in the way...things got shuffled...then there was that accident i had in the shower that i choose to not share with any of you but now you have all kinds of images going on inside your noggin...

you're welcome for the way

so what we have here are some folks out of san francisco,ca...and what they're sharing with everyone is something that sounds a little like botch and deadguy and maybe a little bit o' converge mixed in (not to worry though...none of those RAH BRAH RAAAAAH! vocals are found here)

so with all that being should all know what this has in store for you

get on it!

DL: tigon

and their space

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