Tuesday, October 13, 2009

rabies caste - let the soul out and cut the vein

released 2001

while listening to the ministry jam "you know what you are" from the THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY album...do you often find yourself asking yourself "man...why does the band that only uses those sort of vocals exist only in my head?"

well,my friend...someone has answered that question for you

and that someone is me...and to that i say "perhaps you should lay off the dope and download this album"

you see....this trio from the "holy land" (aka "jerusalem") want to start a club with you

and if you just so happen to have an affinity for some early melvins...some godflesh...some early helmet...some today is the day...some unsane...

well...let the good times roll,friend

hey man!...not those good times!...i told you to leave the dope alone!...now give me those papers!

DL: let the soul out and cut the vein pt.1
DL: let the soul out and cut the vein pt.2


Pinky Royale said...

Come on, dude. It's from Land of Rape and Honey. And thanks for all the downloads. You guys get kudos for all the Trance Syndicate love.

ipecac said...

oh maaaaaan!

and the bad thing is...i had actually just listened to that album!

maybe i need to lay off the dope!


when I think of this record I just want to do more dope,almost forgot about this!

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