Friday, October 16, 2009

Pain Teens - Case Histories

Label: Anomie
Year: 1989

Although band member Scott Ayers was probably the best known Pain Teen, he wasn't the best named. That honor, by certain, has to go to Bliss Blood. B-L-I-S-S B-L-O-O-D. Jesus. 
Mother: "So Russell, who you got your eye on for the prom this year?"
Son: "Well, I was thinking about asking Bliss Blood."
(mother clutches chest and falls to the floor dead.)
Son: "Oh shit! Mom! Mom! I just meant Lisa know from down the street. I don't know why she makes me call her Bliss Blood...oh mom!"

Pain Teens play strange music that touches on noise, industrial, drone, and rock. They were from Houston, and while they weren't crossover per se, I can only assume they were pretty much best bros with D.R.I. Otherwise, what the fuck were they doing in Houston? Hanging out with the Geto Boys?


peskypesky said...

ha! one of my friends recently had a short fling with Bliss Blood. i never saw Pain Teens live but i bought one of their albums back in the day...

Anonymous said...

Pain Teens are one of the best bands from the early 90's Houston music scene. I had the chance to see them many, many years ago. So many good bands from that time period. Deadhorse, Crazy Killed Mingus, Dive. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

-The Amazing Bill Curtner

Anonymous said...

You did it!

Mars said...

I saw them in Boston on what was one of the coolest tours of the 90's: Brutal Truth, Pain Teens and Boredoms. It's was like all of the elements of extreme rock at the time all in one night. My memory of Pain Teens was them playing a track that used a loop from 'Strawberry Fields' as it's main rhythm - 'Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real''Nothing is Real' etc.

CAPTCHA: 'fleavoye'

convertido said...

I saw them once, and only once, with Sleep Chamber in Ft Worth during '88 or '89 and Miss Bliss was quite the temptress. I was 17 or 18 at the time and when she called for male volunteers to come on stage, I'll admit I was tempted. Moments later, however, when she produced a whip and began to use it on the hapless volunteers my momentary cowardice looked plan brilliant.

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