Thursday, October 29, 2009

d.o.a. - hardcore '81

released 1981 now most of you know about the passing of chuck biscuits

before he went onto play for multiple bands (if you need a list...look below...or there's always wikipedia) he sat behind the kit for these canucks

my first exposure to the man came by way of the album DANZIG II: LUCIFUGE...the man could hit a drum like a champion

now grAy not be one for tributes and whatnot...but seeing as how he was a fellow drummer...i have to (it was written into the contract when i signed on)

and now a little bit about this album/band...

i'm assuming that most of you know about d.o.a. (that's Dead On Arrival for you laymen)...they were canadia's first major punk rock export...considered the first hardcore band by many (and not just because they happened to use the word as part of the title of this album)...and everyone from jello biafra to nofx to nomeansno dig you should as well poser

so join me as i pound something onto something as tribute to mr. biscuits

or maybe you could dress up as glenn danzig and play some hockey,aye?

DL: hardcore '81

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convertido said...

a wonderful drummer who played on several of my favorite albums. Just sad. . .

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