Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mount Shasta - Who's The Hottie

Label: Skin Graft
Year: 1995

I do believe this was a requested item as well. If not, oh well, it's still a corker of an album, and one I trust you have and hold dear, or will soon make marital relations with. Just, close the door before you do alright? I mean, it's the decent thing to do.
Per chance you haven't had the pleasure of Mount Shasta's company? Well, expect to be sweetened up with some deep bass pummels, before she slices across your chest with noisy riffs, and rounds into home base with some of the nastiest lyrics this side of Milkmine. Oh, she's an easy lover I tell you. Actually, Billy Ocean told me first, but now I'm telling you. That's almost as good. 
Did I mention to wear a condom? You should protect yourself.


ipecac said...

billy ocean was all about his carribean queen and getting people into his car

it was mr. phil collins and mr. philip bailey that were flying about in their helicopter talking about how she was an easy lover and how she was like no other

and it's sad that i have to call you on this...but tendencies wouldn't let me go to sleep unless i did

so who's the winner now?

Gray said...

wow, you're right. i don't know what i was thinking...i must have gotten all discombobulated and mixed up my billy oceans and phillip baileys. that happens more than you think. throw an ashford and simpson in the mix, and whoa boy, i can't tell which way is up!

thank you for calling this to my attention.

Mega-leg said...

Gray, two of my requests in a row! Thanks dude! Have been looking for this for awhile now.

julius orange said...

great album.

drew said...

rahra! thanks. my mother-in-law walked in on me listening to this.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, the song "Loose Muscle" is missing from the .zip; any chance of a re-upload with the absent tune?

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