Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Season To Risk - The Shattering

Label: Owned and Operated
Year: 2001

I was going to post some Wurm today, but then I noticed somebody posted that in the discussion board area, and then I was thinking about posting Saint Vitus, but decided to lay off the SST for a minute. We can always come back to it, it'll always be there for us.
Instead, how about that elusive last full length by Kansas City's Season To Risk? Good idea right? I say "last full length", but I think they are still a functioning band, just on hiatus or something. They've contributed to some compilations within the last couple of years, so who knows. I'd like to see them make a full comeback and bring their scraping noise rock with them.
If you were a fan of their first two full lengths, then you'll like this one too, even though some of the melodies might catch you off guard. While, they always had some catchy elements buried beneath the din of the older material, those melodies come to the surface on this one, but rest assured, it's still a burly slab of heaviness. Like, you know how Helmet has some melody and some actual singing (Page's Ozzy voice, not the drill sergeant bark) but that doesn't take away from the crushing blow of the attack? Yeah, well same thing here. 
This is a highly underrated band, both when they were active and now in retrospect, which is real puzzling. They have consistently delivered the goods over the years, but you seldom hear their name mentioned along side the other noise rock champions of the past decade or so. What the fuck man? Mention their name already!


muzach said...

Dammit Gray! You beat me to the punch again! I played this last weekend while cleaning the house and thought "Shit, you know, I should post this!" Ahh well.

I agree whole heartedly...this band rules and is way overlooked! It is very strange they are not mentioned more...

Great album, great post!

Gray said...

You've been scooped!

It's getting harder and harder (that's what she said) to post stuff that hasn't already been posted elsewhere within the last year or so. It's dog-eat-dog out there man.

Brad said...

Great post! hadn't heard this one yet. by chance do you have Men are Monkeys Robots Win? no one has ever posted that one as far as i know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so glad you posted this! I have had the song "Ace of Space" since I picked up an O&O sampler when some of their bands toured ages ago... I remember an excellent band that was there, Someday I, and also Wretch Like Me... pretty decent show... but I always loved the Season To Risk song off the sampler, but never got the album... I could smack myself for not buying this back then, it is good stuff all the way! Thanks

David said...

They are playing a 20 year anniversary show on November 27! If you are in KCMO go check it out at the recordbar.

Dave Jones

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