Monday, August 17, 2009

Kilslug - Answer The Call

Label: Fundamental
Year: 1986

Here's some real deal, old school noise rock, the way it "used to be". Back when you were knee-high to a grasshopper or some shit. It's damaged, dirty, messy, sludgy, any adjective that ends in "y" that means "not right". Get it? Not pretty, and not the band you'll want to include on your next mixtape project for your lady. Unless your lady collects boa constrictors...or is in jail...or works at the carnival.
We've posted some great Boston bands on this blog, but this is ground zero for that nasty Boston sound. If you listen to La Gritona, Blacktail, Luca Brasi, all that shit...this is where it came from. After Kilslug, these dudes went on to form Upside Down Cross and Adolf Satan, so you know they're no joke. 
If you like this, I have some other material I can post, just let me know. Also, word on the street is that this band is recording new material, and I can't think of a better band to hit the revival circuit. Bring it on Kilslug!


Pat said...

Please post more from them!!!

larry said...

my name is larry kelley i am the guitar player in kilslug we have been playing every once and a while and yes we are going to record very soon new stuff
we did a reunion show and a few others and are having fun
with the firing of the original guitar player we have replaced him with a guitar player who was always a big slug fan and makes the yr 2009 sound even better we hope you will all keep posted on the original my space site thanks for the support....

kittyempire said...

This is fucking brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Kilslug is one of the best and sickest bands of all time. Answer the CALL was a groundbraking record and their reunion show and the live record that followed was AMAZING. Kilslug is a gospel of hate that cannot be ignored. Larry Lifeless has voice with the power to cut through my brain and KICK IN EVERY DRUG I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY F'ING LIFE with one syllable. I am desperately waiting for my next fix confident from getting to see them twice live since the comeback that there next record is gonna be worth the 20 some odd year wait. You can bet a pine wood derby car on thAT!

Jan-Roger said...

Kilslug is my kind of drug!

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