Thursday, August 20, 2009

death piggy - smile or die!

released 1999

if you know anything about the band gwar (and i'm hoping that you do...the band itself should be a college course)...then you already know that this band later went onto become cogs in the machine that it gwar (frontman/bassist dave brockie went onto become "oderus urungus" and guitarist russ bahorsky went onto become "mr. magico" (though only a member for a short time) and drummer sean sumner became "hans orifice" before committing suicide in 1996)

this is a compilation of all of their recorded materials (they'd only released 3 7")

so if you enjoy some early butthole surfers...some x-cops (which can be found here) poo filled pinatas...waking up naked in bed with multiple clowns...

you know the mission...choose to accept it

DL: smile or die!


X. Portal said...

Just read an article about Gwar, and this band was mentioned...looking forward to hearing it. Thanks!

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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