Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Colossus - Hates You And You And You

Label: Jonson Family / Shifty
Year: 2004

That Todd-talk of late reminded me about Hey Colossus, a band who shares a split 10" with Todd (and Part Chimp, and Lords as well), and how rad(ical, if you must know) they are (am). Also, like Todd, they are London-ese, and quite loud. Unlike Todd, they are much less apt to "experiment" on that ass (arse). That being said, they do open this record with an 18 minute doomed out epic before settling into their more normal sound, an amalgamation of Helmet, Torche, Black Sabbath, and some pounding noiserock a al Fudge Tunnel (for good measure). It's a heavy load with a deep bottom end, and possibly would fit "better" over on the Colostomy Grab Bag, but, they sort of straddle the line between what we tend to post here and there. 
I don't know much about the band, but I'm fairly certain this is their first full length, and was a 12" vinyl only release. They have a few other really good albums under their belts, all worth your time if you enjoy a good rocking pummel every now and again.

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clintellectual said...

good stuff. heavy for sure. not crazy 'bout the vocals but they do chop up the rhythms enough to keep it interesting. i found Todd's self titled lp and a Part Chimp split 7" last night. lovin that shit. also found the rest of BarnBurner while i was at it. boy do i have a vinyl list for the next time i go to the city. thanks for bringing us old guys up to speed.

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