Monday, July 6, 2009

dead kennedys - 12.15.84 - river theater - guerneville,ca

earlier today i shot up out if bed bathed in a cold sweat screaming the words "THEH ITHINT ANY DEAD KENNEDYTH ON THE BLOGTH"

and then i began to wonder why the pillow was shoved that far into my mouth...but i didn't think about it too long because the answer could've only been a bad one

moving on

but yes...there isn't any of the dead kennedys on this blog...yeah they get mentioned and such...but no dk nonetheless

so i'm remedying that fact right now....though the best time to do so would've been on the 4th of july (but nooo...i had to post some atomic bomb footage instead...i blame toby keith)

what can be said about the dead kennedys?...they were (in my opinion) the last of the great political punk bands...they were one of the first punk bands to have an african american in their ranks (in the form of drummer d.h. peligro)...guitarist east bay ray was one of the first to bring the jazzy/surf guitar into punk music...bass player klaus flouride was one of the fastest bass players in punk rock...and then there's jello biafra and his was/is very unique to the genre (or any other for that matter...i was listening to one of his spoken word albums on a walkman once and this girl took them from me and asked what it was i was listening to and then proceeded to put on the headphones...10 seconds later she took them off and asked me "is that guy retarded?"...ah kids say the darndest things)...and he brought a dose of black humor into the punk rock

as the saying goes: "punk is dead"

and i'm inclined to died with the dead kennedys

don't even get me started on that "new" dead kennedys thing...but all i can say this "there's always room for jello"

know what i mean?

oh yeah...the music....

1 - intro
2 - take this job and shove it*
3 - hellnation
4 - dear abby
5 - when ya get drafted
6 - buzzbomb
7 - this could be anywhere
8 - mtv get off the air
9 - drug me
10 - winnebago warrior
11 - i spy
12 - jock-o-rama
13 - i kill children
14 - goons of hazard
15 - kill the poor
16 - police truck
17 - rawhide
18 - i fought the law (and i won)

*=johnny paycheck cover

DL: dead kennedys@river theater pt.1
DL: dead kennedys@river theater pt.2

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j weber said...

I definitely enjoy the live recordings more than the stidio releases, mostly due to Ray's gtr work. And your timeline of the death o' punk has me thinking....

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