Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crust - Crust

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1991

A couple months back we were on a real Trance Syndicate tear, gettin' all Austin on that ass, and then, in an effort to not offend any other geographic hotspots, we turned our attentions to other locales and other bands. we are again. Back to Austin. Back to those glorious moments when Trance Syndicate ruled the underground. Back on the worst psychedelic trip you could hope to imagine. Back to the clusterfuck of unrelated aural assaults. Oh those fucking keyboards, where are they coming from?! I have head lice now?! Three bean salad? Where? Who is eating a three bean salad in this heat?! Jesus, the pounding in my skull has boiled my cerebrospinal fluid (somethings wrong with my medulla oblongata!)! Fuuuuuuuck.

...and, scene.




I broadcasted this a few weeks ago

CRUST'S LAST SHOW EVER.. I have a dvd copy which is 2 cam shot with same audio if you are interested.

convertido said...

These were some nasty bastards. I saw them in Dallas during 93 and the singer produced a beef tounge from his diaper, a very dirty and ominous looking one at that, and then hurled it into the crowd. As you can well imagine that parted like the Red Sea. I can remember that hole-in-the-wall stinking like diapers and tounge for weeks afterward.

H E X M A CH I N E said...

"CRUSTY LOVE" is FAR superior to this fact: CRUSTY LOVE is so far superior, I got rid of this disc years ago, so there would be NO question. CHLAMYDIA IS NOT A FLOWER!

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