Monday, July 27, 2009

Arkham - The Freak Power Candidate

Sooooo, after a long debate within myself, I decided to pull a skeleton out of the closet and post it right on this here blog. This is a band that I was in with some friends a few years back and this was our second and final record. We recorded it at a friends house (actually his mom's house) in 2004 and had a real good time doing so. Plenty of swimming and other recreational activities all around. Not sure what to compare it to, but we were into a lot of different stuff and I think it shows.
Definitely not the best thing you'll ever hear, but far from say, Limp Biscuit...
Listen and rip it to pieces!

PS- Can anyone help me on my hunt for Hater the 2nd?


julio said...

i would say drive like jehu and vision of disorder, with a lil' unsane here and there. great sound anyway. driven and bruising.

all good,

flashram said...

It's really good!

Anonymous said...

Not bad- definitely better than Limp Bizkit.

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