Sunday, June 21, 2009

v/a - twisted willie: a tribute to willie nelson

released 1996

no's ok...calm down...i assure're at the same blog...just open your nose and smell

is everything ok now?


now there's nothing wrong with liking a little bit of country music (and i don't mean that stuff passing itself off as country nowadays...i'm looking at you toby sit down before i put a boot in yer ass)...and believe it or not...just because you saw WALK THE LINE once doesn't make you an authority on johnny cash...i remember back in the day i'd go from listening to black flag to hank williams and i'd get some strange looks

as for this album...i remember spotting it at a garage sale on cassette years ago for .50...and what did i do?...that's right...put it into my pocket (though they ended up getting their money by way of me buying a 2.00 toaster oven when it clearly looked like it should've been .75 at the most)

so it is for you to has

and as you can see...some of these bands have actually been seen in other spots on this give it a chance

so to quote that guy on the tv: WEEEEEEEDOGGIE!

1 - johnny cash - time of the preacher*
2 - L7 w/waylon jennings - three days
3 - tenderloin - shotgun willie
4 - supersuckers - bloody mary morning
5 - mark lanegan - she's not for you
6 - the presidents of the united states of america - devil in a sleepin' bag
7 - jerry cantrell - i've seen all this world i care to see
8 - best kissers in thew world - pick up the tempo
9 - jello biafra w/life after life - still is still moving to me
10 - waylon jennings - i never cared for you
11 - the reverend horton heat - hello walls
12 - gas huffer - i gotta get drunk
13 - steel pole bath tub - the ghost
14 - jesse dayton - sad songs and waltzes
15 - x - home motel
16 - kelley deal w/kris kristofferson - angel flying too close to the ground

*=backing band made up of krist novoselic on bass...sean kinney on thayil on electric guitar

DL: twisted willie pt.1
DL: twisted willie pt.2

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Anonymous said...

Awesome album...thanks!

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