Tuesday, June 30, 2009

totimoshi - ladron

released 2006

i guess calling the album "burglar" just wouldn't have been cool enough

this was produced by some guy named page hamilton

by now most of you already know of this band (seeing as they were asked for over in the talky box)...so you already know what the band's about and what you're getting yourself into

when i first discovered the band...it was through this album...and for a week straight i drove everyone crazy with it..."ladron" (guitar hooks a-plenty) and "gods of earth" (the bassline is killer,bro) were constantly getting played constantly (and yes...i know that sounds redundant...but i'm proving a point)...it's like gum in your hair

so if you like jucifer...black sabbath ('70-'75)...the melvins...queens of the stone age...denim jackets...and harry caray-like vocals...

DL: ladron

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