Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Snakes - !Live!

Alrighty, here's some more live Hot Snakes. It's a great show from the San Francisco stop of the Suicide Invoice tour in 2002. They even include Drive Like Jehu's "Bullet Train to Vegas", which they did quite frequently on this tour. If you listen very closely, you can even hear some fanboy in the audience wet his pants when the song starts ( I swear it wasn't me...I only saw the LA and SD shows of this tour). I downloaded this one years ago off of the ol' Transmission site, so big thanks to those guys.

I promise my next post will not contain anything from San Diego... unless you want me to.



Manel said...

yes! this looks fantastic
thanks, man
I don´t personally have any problem at all with all this posts related to san diego bands, etc.. no problem at all.

julius orange said...

hell yeah. since i never got to see hot snakes live i have to live vicariously through postings of live shows. the more the better!

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