Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drive Like Jehu - Live - Cat's Cradle - 06-05-94

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1994

Let's go ahead and get this one posted too so that we can complete the "Live Like Jehu" triumvirate (notice the wordplay?). Recorded at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, one of the best rock club's in the history of rock clubs, this is a really good quality recording of a really good quality set. If you downloaded the San Francisco set, this one is real similar, but hey, you're a completist right?

Again, the tags don't have the song titles, so here's the set list:

1. Sinews / Intro
2. Sinews
3. Golden Brown
4. Bullet Train To Vegas
5. Do You Compute
6. Caress
7. Super Unison
8. Hand Over Fist
9. New Math
10. Luau


Manel said...

I was listening to the San Francisco bootleg this afternoon and I swear to god at one point tears came to my eyes.
I got to see Hot Snakes once and sure it was great, but listening to this I think that DLJ were probably a little bit more noisy and less rock and you can feel just great amounts of energy coming out of the band. DLJ, one of the greatest bands of all time.

Thanks so much for these posts (and the rest of the blog, now that we´re at it!)


Anonymous said...

Love this shit! If you want, I've got almost all of the Tanner 7 inches converted and their last show... Lemme know

Anonymous said...

Also, I have a partial Jehu show from 92 in San Diego with 2 unreleased songs...
Just realized I posted as anonymous, so if you want the Tanner and more Jehu, Email me

Anonymous said...

ipecac, Gray, Fred & the DL: Thanks so much for the live stuff, Cows, Big Black, Shellac, and soundtrack (Terminal City Ricochet) which led me here from Blogsearch. Also nice representing of the Mile High City in here. I used to hang out with the Frantix before they became the Fluid (everyone except John Robinson that is). Thanks too for using Mediafire: All the links I wanted still work. Further gratitude for the posting of digital versions of what I already have on vinyl-I may never get that turntable out of its box at this rate. Last but unleastest thanks for your writing styles and senses of humor, sorely missed qualities at many punk based blogs. ~stu aka Ben-Hurt

Anonymous said...



Aimi said...

Yessss the link still works! Thank you so much for this!

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