Sunday, May 24, 2009

v/a - hype! movie soundtrack

released 1996

i used to own this on vhs and would watch it religiously...and though i own it on dvd it's not the same...originally there was a "commercial" for this very soundtrack at the beginning and it was done up like one of those things you used to see late at night for some best of romantic hits collection of the (insert era here) know what i'm talking about...there's a guy and a girl sitting in front of a fireplace drinking champagne and some song is being played in the background and one of them says "you know...i love this song...i just wish that i could have it so i can listen to it all the time"...and then the other person puts their glass down and says "well now you can!" through a cheesy smile and then produces the album from out of nowhere and holds it up for the camera (though in this case...the girl had a huge gap in between her front teeth)


and since there are probably at least 1-2 of you out there who haven't seen the you can be one step closer to it by having the soundtrack *holds it up to camera*...and now you can listen to it while you're in the shower...on your way to work...ironing your pants...or just simply swingin' on the flippity-flop

my only beef with this is that there's no melvins on it...they're in the movie for all of a few minutes with interviews and playing a bit of "night goat"...but you'd think they'd at least have a song on the soundtrack...i can you have "grunge" without those fellas?...and don't get me wrong...the fastbacks are ok...but do they really need to be on there twice?...couldn't they have at least thrown on a live version of "night goat" or "honey bucket" or something?

so quit being such a lamestain and tie that flannel around your waist and start diving off that couch (before the wife and kids come home)

1 - fastbacks - k street (live)
2 - wipers - return of the rat
3 - u-men - dig it a hole
4 - green river - swallow my pride (demo)
5 - soundgarden - nothing to say
6 - mudhoney - touch me i'm sick (live)
7 - nirvana - negative creep
8 - some velvet sidewalk - mousetrap (live)
9 - dead moon - 54/40 (live)
10 - girl trouble - my hometown
11 - tad - giant killer
12 - gas huffer - hot cakes (7" version)
13 - young fresh fellows - low beat
14 - supersuckers - i say fuck (live)
15 - 7 year bitch - knot (live)
16 - the gits - second skin (live)
17 - flop - julie francavilla (demo)
18 - posies - throwaway (live)
19 - pearl jam - not for you (live)
20 - mark lanegan - the river rise
21 - pigeonhed - fire's coming down
22 - fastbacks - just say
23 - sara debell - smells like teen spirit (muzak version)

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

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