Saturday, May 16, 2009

small man,big mouth

exactly,angry german kid

ah...the internet

ever since al gore invented it we've been allowed to bring everything from the above displayed instructions on how to make the perfect cake/ stories on why home made manure is better to use on your garden and not some store bought japanese girls getting pleasured by a 6 headed tentacled creature while ernest borgnine wearing a richard nixon mask videotapes it...into your living space

the possibilities are endless

and the internet serves another purpose as well...

it allows anyone to angrily tap out angry words and say whatever they'd like to say...and they remain faceless for the entire thing (though i can always picture some acne scarred 25 year old male virgin/40 year old male virgin dressed in an reo speedwagon shirt that picked the lock to his parent's room so he can use the computer while his parents are away at their friend's house across town playing cards on a saturday night because they have a life and he needs to get into that office because he needs to know what's going down on that cosplay messageboard and needs to check on his bid for that fan made he-man porn)

ok...i know that i'm rambling...but i have a point to make...and that point is this: the acne scarred virgin and the 40 year old reo speedwagon prince adam enthusiast are one in the same...they both have raging sweatpants boners and they have to tell folks about it

we recently got our second piece of e-hate mail...and if you wish to go and see it..go below to gray's pink floyd post and pop open the comments...and what i find funny about both the fact that they take time out of their day to vent what they find so irritating about the blog...but in the same breathe/typing they give the blog an's like a lifetime tv for women movie with it's he-says-i-love-you-with-his-fists scenario

but at least "phantom foetus" left us his name "anonymous" (or should i call you mr. lydon?)

so what i've gone ahead and done is taken away the anonymous if you feel the need to have to display your simian-like poo'll have to go through the minor inconvenience of putting your brain to work to come up with a username

so in the words of angry german kid: "@$#%$&*%@#@%&*%$@#$@%!!"

and in case you're wondering where it is you can find the ernest borgnine wearing a richard nixon mask while videotaping a japanese girl getting pleasured by a 6 tentacled'll just have to bid on it just like any other person wearing an reo speedwagon shirt (and a word of might want to make sure there are no dorito crumbs on the desk before you leave...your parents are starting to suspect something...and you might want to go through the computer's history as well)

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Gray said...

i am not opposed to anonymous comments, as usually they result in the funnier "zingers", and i, for one, enjoy the occasional internet squabble. it breaks up the day, you know?

arguing in the comments section of a music blog has become a time honored tradition, and something that comes with the territory. it's childish and juvenile, but often good fun. a real pinnacle of human interaction...just minus the human interaction part.

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