Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ruins - Burning Stone

Label: Shimmy Disc
Year: 1992

This was the first Ruins album that I could handle, it has enough structure to not make me lose my motherfucking mind. Granted, it's a bouncy schizophrenic ride across the noise rock stratosphere, but there is a certain cohesion that keeps the whole thing from devolving into noise for the sake of noise.
As a two piece, they manage to make quite a racket, alternating from psych noise to harsh noise to bass driven metallic rock, all with drumming that can only be described as "Japanese". Know what I mean? Plus, they sing in their own language (not Japanese, but their OWN language), and apparently are disciples of Zeuhl music. Huh? Right. Meaning, they are performing in the tradition of Christian Vander of French prog rock fantasists Magma. You like? 
Bottom line is, if you like Magma and Boredoms, then you'll like this. It's not an everyday listen, but every once in awhile it can hit the spot.


Matt said...

very awesome. i only one of their records. one that ipecac released in 2000, i think. not bad but not easy to listen to.


ARXELAOS said...

Awesome bass band! Thanks!

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