Sunday, May 17, 2009

genesis - live

released in 1973

"too artsy,too intellectual"
-patrick bateman

in keeping with gray's posting of the pink floyds...i present you all with genesis (though not in bootleg form)

this was a show was taped on 2 consecutive nights in 2 locations for the king biscuit flower hour but was never aired...though not originally intended as a live album...the band's label urged them to release this as something to tide the fans over while they were in the process of recording their next album(SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND)

and that was the wikipedia portion of our show

and in my opinion...this was genesis at their most creative (the peter gabriel years)...though the too artsy/too intellectual thing would later come back to bite them on the ass with the THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY tour's theatrical stage show in the form of peter gabriel's constant costume changing and the ultra-visual stage settings...and with peter leaving the opened the vocalist slot...and drummer/peter gabriel sound alike phil collins eventually landed the gig after the band almost took the instrumental route...and though they kept up the prog music for a few albums...they slowly slid over to the middle of the road and stayed there for the rest of the band's existence

so if you like anything to do with whistling "it's no fun being an illegal alien"...or getting in too deep...or not being able to dance...just put on your member's only jacket...turn around and walk away before the watcher of the skies sends the giant hogweed after you

DL: genesis live

you'll never look at your grandpa the same after this....
"the musical box"

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peskypesky said...

okay, you're starting to freak me out. i thought for sure i was the only person in the world who loves both Ed Hall and early Genesis. you're freaking me out.

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