Tuesday, May 12, 2009

black flag - 5.21.81 - fender's lounge - tampa,fl

i remember reading in hank's get in the van book that he wasn't too fond of this show (but then again...what was he fond of back in those days?...but i'd also read an interview with greg ginn and he said that 99% of that book never happened)

maybe it was because no one would get him some water
maybe it was because everyone was untying his shoes
maybe someone had starched his tiny shorts

1 - sound check/tv party
2 - i gotta run
3 - my rules
4 - depression
5 - modern man
6 - jealous again
7 - life of pain
8 - thirsty and miserable
9 - padded cell
10 - scream
11 - no values
12 - clocked in
13 - damaged 1
14 - six pack
15 - fix me
16 - rise above

DL: black flag@fender's lounge
(link fixed)


Gray said...

the greatest of all bands. ever.
greg ginn was once quoted as saying, "i never played a note i didn't mean to". i'd like to believe that.

Gray said...

something is wrong with this file. it doesn't unzip.

ipecac said...

it unzipped for me

maybe you're just not giving it enough alcohol

but if anyone else runs into the same problem...let me know...and i shall redo it all up

Gray said...

oh, so now i'm not good enough?!
it gave me a message that the "password was incorrect" or some bullshit. sounds like user error on your part dude.

if you stand between me and black flag much longer i will come through this computer and annihilate you.

ipecac said...

don't worry...it always tries that password crap with me as well...and then i pull out the duct tape and taser...and everything is kosher again

and now i think you owe me an apology for showing up here in your tiny hank shorts and exposing my pets to things that i'm not ready for them to see yet...now if you would've waited another couple of days it would've been ok...i had a video set up for them to take a look at so they'd understand...but now i have to spend the rest of the night explaining to them that you were wearing that because it makes you feel comfortable

Lo-Res Viscera said...

This show is actually from the year 1981, not 1982.
Just sayin'

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