Saturday, May 2, 2009

björk guðmundsdóttir & tríó guðmundar ingólfssonar - gling-gló

released 1990

ok...brace yourselves're not having a stroke

this is actually happening

it's bjork...and if you know anything about her it's that you never try to take her picture when she doesn't want it to be...never feed her after midnight...and she looks dynamite dressed as a swan

as for her's not can either beckon a ship to it's doom...or tickle your nether regions...or sound like an aggravated child

this is an album she recorded a few years before the band she was in...the sugarcubes...split up in 1992

it's made up of icelandic jazz covers sung in her native tongue along with two covers of american jazz tunes sung in english that were recorded for a radio show

so go this while bebopping around your living room on a saturday night with your "companion"

get classy

DL: gling-glo


James Joyce said...

I took a picture of Bjork back in November at the Reykjavik Hilton. It was through a window - she didn't want to hang out with us or anything.

ipecac said...

oh man!

you're lucky she didn't try to wrassle you to the floor and skin you with her bare hands...or make your head implode with her voice

you're a survivor

Anonymous said...

okay, i take back the douche bag comment. this is a gem. thank you

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