Wednesday, April 8, 2009

well well well...

look who decides to come crawling back to the blog

and i've come back to make you feel like the picture above (a little dirty or aroused or both)

and i'm coming back through modern piracy (aka "borrowing" an internet connection)...the only bad thing being that it's like frozen molasses...but the way i looks at's like sitting through a time share presentation or a david lynch the end it all pays off and you get what you want

and i'd like to extend a HUGE poster of bea arthur nude to gray for keeping this blog afloat in my absence (and we all know that's totally better than a handshake because you never quite know where that other hand has been...but you'll always know where that poster was...or do you?)

and to all of you subscribers out can be expecting bea arthur posters as well (though smaller...i couldn't get her to sit still for more than the one) blah blah...glad to be back....

on with the show


Gray said...

I thought something smelled.

By the by, there have been some complaints that black font on dark gray background makes for difficult reading. Lord knows, with the scintillating shit I'm writing on this piece, people are hanging on every word. Can the font color be changed?

Also, we need to update the COD Music link.

Good to "see" you again.

ipecac said...

yeah...i've been wearing my urine because of your suggestion

i mean...if a hunter can wear deer urine to attract deer...i figure the same could be said for human urine...yeah?

as for the font and such...i've been meaning to give it an overhaul...i'll see what i can do for y'all

Gray said...

oh god no!
the font is now "retard size". it's a better color, but far too large! man, you just can't do anything right. what a loser. i mean it, you're a real idiot. i hate you.

ipecac said...

you should just become a pe teacher and be done with it

your words are like dodgeball,man

Gray said...

drop and give me twenty you maggot!

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