Sunday, April 26, 2009

ok mediafire....

mediafire...i do believe i speak for the others when i say that you're no longer needed around these parts

you're done
dumped in the country on prom night

i don't know what the problem is...but myself...i'll not be using mediafire for the time being...i'm tired of it's shenanigans...i've went back and checked past posts using mediafire and they seem to be ok...but if you come across something that's no longer operational...see that email address over to the right...that's there for a now's all megaupload,baby

hopefully it lives up to it's name

as for mediafire...get to the shower...and no bubbles this time


fred said...

it gets fussy from time to time. should clear up in a week or so if you're having problems.

ipecac said...

yeah...i went back and checked on it...and everything seems to be running smoothly now

its ears must've been ringing

or maybe it was the "cake" i sent over to its house

Lo-Res Viscera said...

sometimes it gets real slow, or you can't upload/connect to it, and granted the pop-ups suck, but overall i like it more than mega-upload or rapidshare.
i do actually purchase a rapidshare acct tho for my own personal D/L needs. so worth it.

just my opin yun

Anonymous said...

megaupload - r.i.p

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