Thursday, April 30, 2009

make believe/need new body/hella - 6.10.04 - bottom lounge - chicago il

this isn't a recording of the show...i was parusing the internet the other day and i came across this flyer...i was at that show...and if you know anything about any of those bands then you already know it was pretty awesome...and it put me in the mood to share some of the above mentioned folks musics

make believe - self-titled ep (released 2004)


DL: make believe - self titled ep

they opened this hometown show...and got about 60 seconds into the first song when vocalist tim kinsella hit the floor...he was hit in the head by a swinging object (i can't remember if it was a mic stand or guitar stock)...thus ending the bands set

for those not familiar with the's pretty much an on the road version of the band joan of arc made up of members of cap 'n jazz...owls (which is pretty much a newer version of cap 'n jazz)...and the promise if you dig on some indie post math rock...

need new body - ufo (released 2003)


DL: new body - ufo

after waiting for about an hour for the band to set up their instruments and such...roughly 9 people took the stage...and the best way to describe them is an experimental freakout...their drummer was always moving...folks were randomly banging on objects...their vocalist loomed over everyone else and at one time played a banjo...this is what the album would've sounded like if beck and captain beefheart drank a lot of zappa coffee and then locked themselves in the studio for a weekend

hella - hold your horse is (released 2002)


DL: hella - hold your horse is

and by the time you could say "what the hell just happened?"...two men took the stage...the reason i was with a guitar...the other a drumkit...and you're thinking "simple enough"...and then zach hill starts a child with ADD let off it's leash...and all you can do is stand there and study him...looking for his circuit the second song zach had already lost his shirt along with half of his body weight...and guitarist spencer seim just stands there alongside him...being larry lalonde to his les claypool/tim's a known fact that i have a soft spot for drummers...and the only complaint that i have about zach hill is this: i'd like to hear him stick to a rhythm for more than 10 seconds than go through a string of fills (ie: as he did on the first crime in choir album)...but cannot deny this man and his appendages...he could power a smurf village with one song for a year

so there you have it...and you didn't even have to put up with any of the hip kids just standing there looking as if they missed their table at starbucks


aliatron said...

post the bitches aint shit EP. thats the shit EP.

panzan said...

i once saw need new body in DC. after their set a friend of mine called them need new idea. to each their own, eh?

Matt said...

totally unaware that zach hill played on that crime in choir stuff. as impressive as it is, he recycles the same fills/patterns on just about every tune. if he were half as good as he's hyped to be, it would be impressive.

thanks for the make believe ep. i used to have it prior to purging my collection. miles apart from their latest outing but some interesting moments nonetheless.

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