Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Head Of David - Dustbowl

Label: Blast First
Year: 1988

And speaking of "vaguely mechanized"...why not get some Head Of David in your grill this fine day? Yes, lets.
I posted the first lp a little while back, and it's a doozy, but for guitar-centric industrial-esque pounding metal, this is the record you need. It's as if you're in a bunker, and there's a column of tanks rolling over your subterranean little head, complete with concussion inducing discharges. 
If you like your Killing Joke tempered with Big Black, or you wanted to the British version of Zeni Geva, or if you're just curious to hear where Godflesh cut their teeth, then by all means, please give it a listen.
You will be happy to know that Justin Broadrick plays on this album, and gives the pounding guitars that droning wash he's apt at delivering. You'll also be happy to know that Steve Albini produced this, and gives the production the crisp "thwack" he's apt at delivering.
You should own this record. There, I said it.

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Azbest said...

Broadrick was their drummer not guitarist. Good album - "Dog Day Sunrise" was covered by fear Factory.

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