Monday, April 20, 2009

Gob - The Kill Yourself Commandments

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1999

Let's first start by saying this; Ipecac, you are in a safe place among people who care for you and hold your best interests at heart.
That being said, now let's try and undo some of the damage our friend has done with his reckless postings of not one, but two Victory Records stinkers. And let it be known, I was actually at that California Takeover show...truth be told I was a Snapcase fan, and it was one of the most poorly kept secrets that Tony Victory would be on stage performing some Even Score covers with Strife, and who here doesn't want to hear some Even Score covers? Show of hands. I mention that only to preface my argument that Victory Records was on the fast track to ruining hardcore music at this point. Their bands were asking for guarantees and prime time slots at any show they would play. They were painting hardcore music as mindless sloganeering and macho posturing (hey....wait a minute), overshadowing the hundreds of great bands that were haunting the basements and VFW halls of this great land. 
I will always grant that Victory had it's place, and certainly you can choose to purchase whatever records you want. And there's a good case to be made that Victory happened to be savvy businessmen who capitalized on a niche market and deserve all the success they had. Sure. Whatever. Deadguy were great, Guilt were really good, Snapcase had that one really good record, Iceburn ruled, Integrity were at one point the hottest band in the game, and I'll even big up the Insight 7" (but that was a re-issue). They had their run, but goddamn did that label go to hell in a hand basket quick. Ouch.

Soooooo...long story, long.

Here is Gob. Gob was putting out their weird brand of noisy, grindy, hardcore at the same time those Victory compilations came out. Listen to them side by side won't you?
Gob got lumped into the West Coast Powerviolence family of bands even though they were from Nevada, and not very "powerviolent" if you ask me. They sound like noise rock fans playing fast hardcore and warping it out of shape. If you like the gnarlier moments of Mama Tick or Glazed Baby, you should do just fine with this one. Or if you happen to remember the name Satan's Pimp Records, you will definitely do alright.
Members have gone on to Iron Lung and Pig Heart Transplant.

Supposedly this is being reissued one day. If so, go buy it, but don't hold your breath. Unless someone just farted, then by all means, hold your breath until the threat has passed.

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bb said...

great stuff, got it as a friend recom. do you have winkie too? :)

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