Friday, April 17, 2009

Cutthroats 9 - Cutthroats 9

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 2000

The other Cutthroats 9 full length was posted a few months back, and I believe I made my opinions clear then as to which band was superior, Cutthroats 9 or Unsane (here's a hint, it was Cutthroats 9). But with that recent JJ Paradise Players Club post, I started thinking about these guys again (Dave Curran is in both bands) and thought we should get this record up here post haste. I'm not sure exactly how Chris Spencer did it, but he took the Unsane template and made a band that was more menacing than it' predecessor. This band just feels more aggressive and hateful than Unsane...and that's saying something. There's also a more liberal use of the slide in his solos on this record, if you're into that kind of thing. I don't want to speak for you or anything.
Reptilian Records re-released this album a few years after Man's Ruin went belly-up, and you can probably still find it in their catalog, it's an impressive catalog after all.

In other news, did anyone else notice that Fred and Ipecac were back in effect? It's like a real team here now, shit, I was just in the Shiny Grey Break room and Fred and I made plans for a little beach volleyball match this weekend (cue Top Gun montage), and Ipecac and I are back to our standing 3:30pm slap fight date. It's just like old times!


ipecac said...

just's your turn to bring the creamed corn and plastic this time

i'll bring the wigs

fred said...

s'Good to be back

Psymin said...

Thank's for this, hopefully it's good as it sounds.

Phantom Limp said...

Ah what a show. Was blessed to see Cutthroats open for High on fire in Denver, Colorado. The amount of beer consumed mixed with Matt Pike's B.O. was a lethal cocktail. Caused my buddy to have to exit the 15th street tavern and puke on some poor lady at the bus stop.

Cutthroats fired up and proceeded to slay my ears. As they headed into the second song Will stopped playing. Turned around and violently puked all over the place. He so reminds me of Animal from the Muppets.

Was able to talk to Dave for a bit. Dave was pissed that after all that touring he didn't even have enough cash to buy some new shoes.

Tried talking to Chris but he was escorting some Milk Lizard to his van for an autograph. Matt Pike coupled with no ventilation caused two people to puke. True story.

javier white espasandin said...

please my friend can you fix the link please please

javier white espasandin said...

please fix link please

javier white espasandin said...

im a big fan of unsane and can´t find this album nowhere fix link please

Gray said...

You have asked very nicely, so I will get it re-up'd as soon as I can.

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