Monday, March 16, 2009

Steel Pole Bathtub - We Own Drrrills

Label: Self-released
Year: 1987

The first "proper" Steel Pole Bathtub record, this ep sets the groundwork for what would be the band's signature sound. A looping bass line that repeats ad infinitum, random movie/t.v. samples, guitar scraping and chugging in and out of the song, and noisy, messy drums banging out either in tribal cadence, or rolling all over the song. While mostly slicing a cacophonous gorge through the land, a closer listen reveals the pop music undertones, and the ubiquitous funk leanings of the late 80's. Minutemen + Big Black + Saccharine Trust = Steel Pole Bathtub.
In my opinion the band got better and peaked towards the middle of their career, but this first ep is still a nice little time capsule of what music sounded like in this era. It's oddly catchy, but scratchy enough to keep you satisfied.


pinto said...

Nice. This was the one I didn't have. Thanks again.

proven hollow said...

sigh...more steel pole and more grotus please. have you ever had grotus on here?! if not, fuck you.

Prohibition69 said...

^^ "Please & fuck you" ...charming.

staticfraction said...

Please re-up this. Thanks

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