Friday, March 20, 2009

Dove - Dove

Label: Self Released
Year: 2004

By request from the illustrious Phillip Fay Fock, here is the Dove album. I bet you know what it sounds like, but just in case, here's a quick math equation:
{[(Floor-feedback)/Fu Manchu]+Disfear(.5)}x overt metal references = Dove
When Floor decided to go splitsky, Steve Brooks went on to form Torche and illicit the masturbatory praises of every music writer who had never given two shits about Floor. Weird. But Henry Wilson decided to delve deeper into metal and formed Dove. Guess who didn't give a shit? Not so weird. 
Henry played drums in both Floor and Cavity, but plays guitar in Dove. Also, Floor released an album called "Dove". Get it straight.
So in the continuum of heavy Florida bands, Dove fits in right after Scrog, but before Consular, maybe neck and neck with the o.g. Bloodlet. Floor being the best of all by the way.
Also, I posted the Dove demo over at Colostomy Grab-Bag back when that was a viable thing to do, but since you most likely missed it there, it's down below as well.


proven hollow said...

sweet mamma jamma. will be nice to listen to it without what looked like someone took a nail across my cd. thanks guy.

Michael said...

played with dove several times during their short life... i dont know if they ever recorded it, but they did a spot-on cover of ALL of Zep's "Achilles' Last Stand". I'd like to hear that again....

Oh and my favorite thing about playing with dove was always talking reggae with Henry. He's a BIG fan.

Roy said...

enjoying this a lot

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

can you re-up this ??? thanks !

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