Monday, March 23, 2009

Daisy Cutter - Truck Fist

Label: Rockville 
Year: 1994

Seems like there was a lot of this kind of sludgy, Helmet-esque rock going around. Songs that started and stopped, riffs that churned up the pond scum, and the appropriation of redneck imagery. I'm sure your town had one these bands, it's members toiling away in the restaurants and bars of that burg, on the cusp of "making it", if only they could get Tom Hazylmyer to return their letters.
To my ears this band is basically Helmet and Crawlpappy with a dash of King Snake Roost, and the slightest hint of Ministry. It's very ugly, but essential if you are a fan of this genre. 
The band was started by the original vocalist of Monster Magnet, and features dudes who are associated with Solarized, Full Speed Ahead, Lord Sterling, Splitting Headache, and Blackout Shoppers, but don't be fooled, there is nary a stoner rock riff on this record. It's all straight ahead, choppy, pounding, thud rock. A great relic.


panzan said...

"...if only they could get Tom Hazylmyer to return their letters."

truth. the underground rock equivalent of the high school shortstop who coulda' been in the majors... if only the coach didn't hate him.

julius orange said...

horrible cover art. but great album!

Gray said...

no doubt about that cover art...i was actually going to mention in the original post that it seems like a pretty obvious (but terrible) frank kozik rip-off. i got sidetracked and failed to bring it up though.
big ups julius.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I remember this record getting flogged in a bunch of (maga)zines in the 90's. I took one look at the cover art back then and was like:hell to the oh no.

This was before I learned not to judge a book by the cover. Or whatever.

Anonymous said...

the more I look at this album cover the more I like it. and the password for this comment is bumungas. I like that too.

Anonymous said...

nice one. cover art rules.

Anonymous said...

I was in the band, we had very little money and wanted to play around with what computer graphics we knew. This kept in our genere of mixing psychadelic clip art with photos. the photo is actually of a dead guy and stretched out ala Butthole Surfers' Hairway to Steven or that horrible album where they covered Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy man. Thanks for not judging the book by its cover. The album is a good time capsul.
(ps...the guitarist from Monster Magent didnt start the band, the original singer did. he played drums in Daisycutter, along with the bassist from Dirge and his wife, who played in FreakTheater)

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