Friday, March 27, 2009

Bardo Pond - Amanita

Label: Matador
Year: 1996

A play about Bardo Pond:
Record Store Employee #1, "You asshole, you spilled Pavement all over the My Bloody Valentine records!"
Record Store Employee #2, "So what douche, you all Pink Floyd records in these Ash Ra Tempel sleeves!"
Record Store Employee #3, "Both you fags better quit goofing around and clean up this pile of records, all the Sonic Youth and Curve albums are getting mixed up."
And then, in a clarion moment, the three record store employees smile, shrug their shoulders, and have a good hearty laugh before going back to their business of arguing over who's turn it is on the stereo and generally just being virgins.

So there you go, Bardo Pond...well, that and drugs. Now, Bardo Pond, all that shit up there, and drugs. Good day.


pinto said...

Great description. I wish my writing was that imaginative. Great record too. I'm a Bardo Pond fanatic myself and the only record of theirs that I can't seem to track down is "Volume 5." So if you or anyone reading this could hook me up I could get you back with any other Bardo Pond record because I think I've got them all.

ipecac said...

but let's not forget record store employee #4,"oh maaaan! who else is excited about rex manning day?!"

Anonymous said...



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