Monday, February 16, 2009

Godflesh - Live - Schorndorf - 03-31-90the

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1990

Here is a Godflesh bootleg that seems to be one of the very few floating around the interwebs, that I've ever noticed anyway. The sound quality is pretty good, not pristine mind you, there are some overblown moments, but you can easily make out all the vocals, instrumentation, etc. I'd rate it an A-
I don't really feel the need to "explain" Godflesh, because we're all pretty much in agreement that they are one of the cornerstones of contemporary heavy music right? We can all agree that they were an ominous steamroller that devastated the listener through unrelenting precision, volume, and intensity right? And it seems that we can also agree that the band was the "total package" in that they had that presence most bands aren't committed to, the one that cloaks the group in a real and metaphorical dark haze, few photos exist, few interviews were conducted, and the band didn't really tour that much. Plus they predated the internet (at least the internet we now know) so if you wanted to know about them you had to dig real couldn't Google "Godflesh" and get their discography to pop up. I guess what I mean is that the band existing within an aura of mystery, and that simply heightened the excitement of any Godflesh news.
Listen to this recording very loud and with the lights out. Also, punch yourself in the face every three minutes or so for full effect.


Azbest said...

Nice, crushing gig. Godflesh is one of my favourite bands. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post. Thanks! Godflesh is one of my favorites.

Medicate$leep said...

I love this blog. If you ever want another contributor I would be honored.


does anyone know if there are any good sounding boots from he HYMNS era?

Azbest said...

Here: You will find early versions of songs from "Hymns" and set from 10.12.2001 - last Godflesh's gig.

Pinky Royale said...

Thanks for this, AND for everything else. Especially the Trance Syndicate stuff. I was going to offer up the Polyp Explodes but you beat me to it. I have some Ed Hall on hand as well as Food Eater and the self-titled from Crust. AND the Love and Napalm comp. Keep up the good work and sorry for not commenting on every DL.

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