Thursday, February 19, 2009

Copass Grinderz - Krash

Label: King / POW!
Year: 1994

(to be sung) Japan is weeeeiiiiird. Sweeping generalizations aside, let's be honest, the prevailing culture of Japan is strange to us honkies in the Western world. And maybe that's why we Westerners find Japanese music so exotic. I mean Copass Grinderz could have been from the Midwest circa 1994 playing along side Mama Tick and The Hairy Patt Band, it's not like their music is from another planet or something. But (let's talk about your big butt), they would still sound just slightly out of place, and that's the Japan talking. Something going on in that crowded ass country has warped the brains of its musicians to take cues from Western music and spit it back out as uniquely Eastern. Think of Zenigeva's precise take on death/industrial metal, think Melt Banana's freaked out noise take on grindcore. You know? It's different. Well, Copass Grinderz throw American noise rock into their cultural (is it a Sony) blender to upchuck some seriously rocking vomit. Sometimes it thick, syrupy sludge, sometimes it's punked out thrash, sometimes it riffs on classic rock tendencies, and sometimes it veers into a loud indie rock. Regardless it always seems to be "right". 
So maybe it's America that's so fucking strange, and Japan is totally normal. Maybe...but I've never eaten blow maybe I'm the wrong dude to judge. 
By the way, when did I get so xenophobic? 

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Jack said...

Fucking CHRIST. THANK YOU for this. I bought that live album from a tiny independent record store in Houston years ago and have been scouring the web for some other sign of this band ever since.

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