Friday, January 30, 2009

Mama Tick - Discography

Labels: Amphetamine Reptile, Skin Graft, Bovine, Dubious Honor, Action City
Years: 1991 - 1994

This one is by request, and I'm happy to do it. I should also thank Arsonaut over at Lucidmedia for providing digital copies of the 7"s months back at the request of my alter ego "Megan" who used to drive the boys crazy over there.

Truth be known, this is an incomplete discography as it's missing their 1991 demo, and a compilation track from a record called "Pressure Cooker", but otherwise, it's all here. Warts and all as they say.

As to the music itself, Mama Tick were an ignored piece of the noise rock puzzle in the early 90s. They released a few 7"s and one lp, but none if it ever caught on, and they ended things after the full length was released to a luke-warm reception. Why only a handful of folks "got it", I'll never know, because they had all the right bona fides, loud, crunchy guitars, throaty vocals that ripped throw the songs, and a pounding rhythm section that propelled their metallic cum sludge cum punk cum noise cum rock juggernauts. They were fucking loud, and fucking heavy, and fucking great. Shit man, their bassist played slap bass, and I'm not even going to fault him for it. It worked. Shit wasn't funky in the least. This was ugly music for ugly people. Plus they put out records on three great labels that people would normally eat up. I don't know man, but they should have been bigger than they were, even on the strength of the Skin Graft 7" alone, that shit is unreal.

Here's what you get:
Hatefest / Breathe Out - 7" - 1992 - Amphetamine Reptile (Research and Development)
Horsedoctor - 7" - 1993 - Skin Graft
Torture - 7" - 1993 - Bovine
Little Girls - 7" - 1994 - Action City
Crust Busting - 7" split with Faucet - 1994 (I threw in the Faucet track as well)
Gimme The Five Bucks - cd - 1994 - Dubious Honor


pinto said...

Thanks. Great post. I only had the AmRep single and I totally forgot about them.

Anonymous said...

oh hell yeah!

Cooper said...

Hey. Do you have any idea what I'd use to extract thison a mac? It's some PC wacko ZIP file. Harshing my buzz.

Gray said...

the files were created on my mac, so they aren't PC files. do you have MacPAR Deluxe? it's free and it should take care of any compressed files, but really by default, your mac should open these automatically with no problem once they download.

Anonymous said...

Will kill on telepathic command to hear this music.

Anonymous said...

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