Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Halo Of Flies - Amphetamine Reptile 7"s

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1986 - 1991

The band that launched a record label.
Halo Of Flies was the band that featured TomHazelmyer who founded Amphetamine Reptile records and performed in other bands, Pogo The Clown, Gear Jammer, Otto's Chemical Lounge, and Halo Of Kitten, among other projects. Their sound was a revved up, fuzzy, punk rock via early 1960's rock amalgamation. That doesn't sound very good does it...let's try this, in Hazelmyer's  own words;
"At that point in time I already had a bellyfull of 77 punk, post punk, early American hardcore, 60's garage, primo 60's acid rock, and on some level was trying to blend it all together and regurgitate it.". That's better.
So, I had all the Amphetamine Reptile 7"s and decided to lump them together and post them. Convenient right? Yeah, great idea. Except, like an idiot I had completely forgotten that Amphetamine Reptile already did that when they released the compilation record Music For Insect Minds which pulls together most of the band's recorded output (as of 1991). Oh well, I don't have that record, and I hadn't considered it when I was putting this together. But you know what? Fuck it man, fuck all that convenience, you need the purist approach, and that's this collection of 7"s released on Amphetamine Reptile during their original run as a band. In 2007 a new Halo Of Flies 7" showed up, and then a year later they collaborated with Lydia Lunch (that my general disdain for anything Lydia Lunch related has forbidden me to hear), but what you get here is the original stuff.

Rubber Room - 1986 (scale 02)
Snapping Black Roscoe Bottles - 1986 (scale 03)
Circling The Pile - 1987 (scale 04)
Richies Dog / How Does It Feel To Feel? - 1987 (scale 06)
No Time / You Get Nothing - 1988 (scale 13)
Death Of A Fly - 1989 (scale 19)
Big Mod Hate Trip - 1991 (scale 35)

If you're a fan of the releases this record label churned out during it's lifespan, you owe to yourself to peep into the mind of it's proprietor and indulge in the rock psychosis that is Halo Of Flies.


Anonymous said...

halo of flies is awesome.thanks for posting this.

pinto said...

Is there any chance that'll you ever post the Pogo The Clown or Gear Jammer singles? I have the actual 7 inches but would love the MP3's. Great post.

Mars said...

What's the new HoF 7" like? I really liked their direction before they split, the heavy psyche mod thing, less 'sludge'.

And you should really check out Beirut Slump, Lydia only plays guitar and it's awesome - kinda like Cramps crossed with 'Cop' era Swans - really minimal, heavy, but kinda goofy haunted house like. Really funny shit.

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Stathis said...


can you please re-post these 7'''s?

Thank you very much

Efstathiou Stathis

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