Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gruntruck - Inside Yours

Year: 1991
Label: Roadracer

Hmmmm...I debated about posting this one, as I have mixed feelings, but then I was all, "fuck it dawg, it's a fucking music blog, and in the grand scheme of things not all that important". Then I was all, "did I skip lunch? holy crap am I ever hungry, i need to eat...like right now". And after that I was all, "christ does this dog stink. Cricket, you go outside and take care of that stench girl". 
I had a lot to say...to myself.
Back to the Gruntruck record though. They were one of those grunge bands that sort of crawled out of the metal scene, made a few quick records and were gone. This particular record, their debut, was first released by eMpTy Records a year earlier, and then re-released by Roadracer. What you got here is the re-release, and it has three tracks at the beginning of the album not on the original release. Phew. So, anyway, the band was made up of dudes who had previously been in Skin Yard, The Accused, and Final Warning..not bad huh? They formed in Seattle in 1989, and proceeded to sound a fair amount like early Sound Garden, with some Skin Yard, Prong, Mind Over Four, Tad, and even Kinghorse steez in their rocking (although I doubt Kinghorse was a direct influence...oh Kinghorse...). Honestly, it's Jack Endino produced metallic grunge from the early 90's, I mean, what do you want? That's pretty much what it sounds like. I hadn't listened to this one in a hot minute, and I'm sure it'll be another hot minute before I hear it again, but it's a good listen if you're nostalgic for earnest flannel-rock.  
Like I said, it's a music blog, let's not be uptight.

*Update - The file has been fixed to include all tracks...sorry about that.


David Snusgrop said...


Anonymous said...

song #9 is missing

luciferyellow said...

I am not sure what there is to debate about putting this up. It's a good record. Their 2nd album is better, but there is nothing wrong with this one. Having that said, I have to admit that my perception is clouded a lot by nostalgia, and I don't actually put this on that often (kind of like you describe here for yourself...). But bottom line: It's a solid album.

Gray said...

i fixed the file to include track #9. thanks for pointing it out.

the debate was about how well this record has stood the test of time. i liked it when it came out, but when i listened to it recently, i wasn't sure if i still did. i suppose in the big picture, it's still a solid album, but i see it more as a relic than anything else.

DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of Gruntruck's Inside Yours on digmeoutpodcast.com.

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