Monday, December 15, 2008

Xysma - Deluxe

Label: Spinefarm
Year: 1994

Haven't posted much Finnish metal on this blog, so let's remedy that shall we? How about "Finland's first grindcore band"? Yes? Back then they were known as Repulse, and around 1988 they began blitzkrieging Helsinki with a bombastic death/grind style, which only lasted a few years. They quickly appropriated the stoner sludge of the 1970's and mixed that with their death metal and lo and behold they hit on that same "death-n-roll" sound Entombed were toying with although Xysma ends up being stranger and less straight forward than their Swedish bros. In fact, I hear some Helmet being appropriated here and there on this record, maybe some Kyuss as well. Regardless, it's dirty, chunky, and vaguely groovy. 

You'll have to talk to Ipecac about this (once he decides to return from his tropical getaway), but I believe the sister blog Colostomy Grab-Bag will be put out if her misery soon, and we will be posting some material on this blog that might have been posted there. Case in point, Xysma.


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Chairmaker said...

The Finns do good work.

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