Sunday, December 7, 2008

V/A - Atlanta - New Noise

Year: 2008
Label: My Brain

I don't know if it was a rare bout of civic pride, or what, but for whatever reason I decided to pull together a compilation of Atlanta (and a couple Athens bands snuck in as well) bands that I thought the great reading public of Shiny Grey Monotone would enjoy, and might otherwise never hear. Bands that are rocking the fuck out to tiny, indifferent crowds across this fair city, bands that are scraping together their own releases, bands that are cobbling together their own tours, and bands that are doing their own thing. 

Most of those represented here are active bands, and I selected them because they aren't one of the handful of "big" bands coming out of Atlanta right now, i.e. Mastodon, Black Lips, Deerhunter, The Carbonas, Harvey Milk (there's that Athens thing again), Withered, Zoroaster, or whoever, and they aren't one of the many great bands that have existed in town only to vanish into the ether, i.e. Fiddlehead, Freemasonry, Car Vs. Driver, Dirt, Four Hour Fogger, Good Friday Experiment, and the like. If you want a history lesson on Atlanta music, check out Beyond Failure which is linked over on the right, and you'll find the older gems from this scene. Believe it or not, Atlanta has always had a bounty of great music circulating around, but for all kinds of reasons, it rarely gets heard beyond the city limits. I'm sure most towns say the same thing huh?

The bands were also selected because they fit the mold of what we post on this blog, meaning loud guitar based music. Whether that be noise rock, post-punk, math rock, metal, hardcore, punk, or the like. It's big, ugly music. Nasty music. Of course, know that there are just as many bands that I didn't include because I was running out of room, or risking a ten volume set. Atlanta has a great group of metal, hardcore, punk, rock, and other loud bands. A ton. Let The Night Roar, Organ, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Doomsayer,  Sons Of Tonatiuh, man, trust me, there's a ton. Maybe I'll have to do an "all metal" version of this compilation in the future. 

Anyway, the point is, there's a lot of great music floating around this town, and I want you to hear it. Then, if you like it, I want you to track these bands' releases down (check myspace...I know, I know...but just do it), check them out when they come through your town. At least comment back here and let me know what you think. 

Volume One:     
Vera Fang          
Lay Down Mains   
We Versus The Shark
Subrig Destroyer
So So Death
Pride Parade
Gray Ghost
All The Saints
The Liverhearts
Music Hates You
Blood Balls
Mistaken For Them

The Sunglasses
The Felon Wind
Fag Static
Sonn Av Krusher
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Hollow Stars
Club Of Rome
Brass Castle
Thy Mighty Contract
Hell Comes To Town
The N.E.C.
Gold Standard
High Marks
Fox Trotsky


muzach said...

Thanks for this, it's awesome! I like almost everything on here! I just move from Detroit to Chattanooga so it's nice to see that the kind of bands I actually like are destroying shit right down the road. I played in bands up there for 10 years so it's also good to know there is a vibrant scene somewhat close that I could try to get involved with. And yes, you should do an all metal one too. Thanks Gray, love the blog!

Anonymous said...

chopper rules.

Cara de Planta said...

You left out Pretty Please didn't you?

Gray said...

I don't think Pretty Please existed in 2008 when I made this compilation, but rest assured, they will be on the next one (if there ever is a next one)

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