Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunny Day Real Estate - Jupiter Sessions

Year: 1998
Label: live recording

This recording is a radio station broadcast (107.7 KNND Seattle, "The End") from the Jupiter Studios (hence the name eh?) which means the quality is cherry. Now, granted, I know that offering up Sunny Day Real Estate will call into question my sexuality, and open myself up to the catcalls of "fag" and "pussy", and to that I say, you're all homophobes and misogynists to boot. I hope you're happy with yourselves.
I, for one, think this band did, and still does, rule. I'm a sucker for the quiet/loud big dynamics, the soaring vocals, and the heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. I'm gay I guess. For my money, this was the best band to ever play this style of music, there is nobody even in the same ballpark. The fact that they seldom toured, didn't do much press, and were generally mysterious was a big bonus in the early days of the interweb, when you couldn't just type in their name and get twenty websites dedicated to Jeremy Enigk's bowel movements (p.s. I'm the webmaster of shittydayrealestate.com in case you really are interested in photos of the band's turds). To this day, the greatest show I think I ever saw was Sunny Day Real Estate playing the basement of a club in Atlanta (as Drive Like Jehu played upstairs...also, not a bad show) in June, 1994 about a month after "Diary" was released to an audience of maybe 15 people. But they fucking destroyed the place, rocking the fuck out as if it were a packed house. Again, at the risk of being branded a poofer, it was truly amazing. 
So anyway, if you liked 'em, maybe you never saw 'em, here you go. 


cdb said...

I never saw them in the early days, but I did see them twice touring for How It Feels To Be Something On, and they were absolutely phenomenal both times.

Mars said...

I hate SDRE, but having had a few dicks in my mouth over the years I can't call you "fag" without feeling weird.

Gray said...

Mars, your restraint is duly noted, and while i question your flippant disregard for the good times of SDRE, i can't help but respect your ability to handle the business end of a dong.
big ups.

CDB, where were you when they played the Lazy Lizard? upstairs watching Drive Like Jehu and Tanner I bet. needless to say, i also admire your skills on the strange wang.
big ups to you too.

cdb said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I was nowhere to be found. June of 94? I was probably shut up in my room listening to Crass records, or watching Friends in my parents' living room.

Anonymous said...

Never saw them. So this will kind of make up for it... I guess. Thanks.

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