Monday, December 29, 2008

Loudspeaker - Rubberneckers Vs. Tailgaters

Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry
Year: 1994

Well, since the other Loudspeaker record I posted seemed to be a popular item, may I present to you the follow-up album. And if you grabbed the first one, then you know the drill, cause this one sounds pretty much the same. If you didn't grab the first one, this is bluesy noise rock, that features members (at one time or another) of Pussy Galore, Swans, Foetus, Boss Hog and Crucifix, so you get this Helmet smoking two packs a day kind of NYC dirt rock. It's good alright. Have I steered you wrong yet? I mean, you like black tar vocals right? You like bass that emanates from below the street right? You like the guitar to scrap in and out of the song structure right? Right?!


Tomica said...


Employee said...

wow it's like Shorty and Helmet merged... thanks

Mars said...

Did I tell you I bought 20 copies of this a few weeks ago for 15 bucks on ebay? Birthday gifts FOREVER!

AWWWW! Loudspeaker - AGAIN???

You don't have Re- Vertebrate do ya?

I've got to get the singles on here somehow (it's basically a whole record worth of Kurt Wolf era material)- the "PRAY / PULP" single on Sympathy is probably the best thing they ever did.

E. Ryan Goodman said...

Please post more Loudspeaker! After all these years I can't believe I'm still a fiend for this stuff.

Daniel said...

I don't suppose there's any chance of the Pray/Pulp 7" getting posted. I haven't heard that in years and would love to again if possible.

madchickennugget said...

what was their first album? and are they still around?

Дмитрий Засимов said...

Please, reup!!

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