Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boss Hog - Drinkin', Lechin', and Lyin'

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

Maybe more famous for the cover than the actual music, this record is a nasty, bluesy, noise rock crawl through the gutter. This, the first record from the band, features John Spencer (formally of Pussy Galore, currently of Blues know, the band that shouts "blues" all the time, lest you forget they are a "blues" band), his wife (and cover model) Christina Martinez, plus a couple folks from Unsane and The Honeymoon Killers to flesh it out. You get what you probably are expecting from that crew, a droning, lethargic, punks version of what blues sound like. Say whatever you will about the band being douchebags or opportunistic assholes, but the Boss Hog records are all really good, and this one is my favorite. Plus, it's not long, so it makes for a good introduction to the band.

Interesting sidebar, as I was trying to find a cover image for this, I ran across a posting of this very record, in this very blog. Whoops. I guess I should have checked the archives first huh? Well, fuck it, I'm already this far...and chances are you haven't been scrutinizing this blog since day one anyhow. Apparently I haven't.


Mike said...

Love this album. Haven't heard it in years. Thanks!!

El Cyber said...

My God...i've never found before Boss Hog's albums in the web :o, i love their sound, i got some videos, but nothing of their music, thanks friend :)

Novemberer said...

Good to hear this again after a 10 year lay-off. x

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