Saturday, November 8, 2008

the robot ate me - they ate themselves

released in 2003

not only do we here at the shiny grey monotone like to expand the front of your dirty jeans...we like to expand the mind a little bit too (but not too much...don't want to push out all the porn and gramma's coleslaw recipe)

now i know...this may not appeal to the inner "pig fucker" in most of you...but need to give this a's a little different...a little bit of a change...but dammit...change can be good...just look at socks...and underwear...and ac/dc

this is essentially a one man band fronted by a guy named ryland bouchard...and i witnessed this man live a few years ago...he spent the entire duration of the show on the floor...all of his instruments were in a few boxes scattered in front of him...and he barely looked up at was as if he were in his bedroom and the audience were nothing more than the posters on his wall...and it was one of the most intimate and best shows that i'd ever been to

so if you can appreciate strange nursery rhymes and accordions and drum machines and beck and the flaming lips...this is totally your bag

and can go back to the sounds of your parents nagging you to go and look for a job (here's a helpful tip: buy a newspaper with the change you found in the couch...get yourself a pen...and just circle a few help wanted ads...and if you're lucky...your mom will fall for it and be impressed that you're showing some initiative and make you some pancakes for dinner)

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peskypesky said...

this is fantastic! how did i never hear about this guy?

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