Monday, November 24, 2008

GoGoGo Airheart - Exit The UXA

Year: 2002
Label: Gold Standard Laboratories

I remember liking this band when I (and they) were residing in San Diego, and their wirey post-punk was a nice relief when confronted with a bill of four or more Locust styled grindcore bands all vying to tear your face off. It was pleasant to have a band with a little more rhythm, more subtleties, and panache. So then fast forward to me moving away from San Diego, and the band eventually petering out in 2005(?), and I had all but forgotten them. I came across this record in my collection the other day, and thought it was pretty good. Granted, there's more dub influence than I care to tolerate, but generally speaking, they deliver a pretty good English post punk meets American art rock conglomeration. Songs are thin and nervous, and tend to twist and turn when you least expect it. 

It's something a little different, but since we haven't been posting much lately, I figured I owed you all something. Peep it.

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Medicate$leep said...

San Diego has some of the best bands in CA but for some reason don't make it past "cult status" 90% of the time which is a shame.

ps I hate Los Angeles

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