Friday, October 10, 2008

v/a - cracks in the sidewalk

released in 1980

this was a 12" that was put out on new alliance records (a label started by minutemen members d. boon and mike watt along with martin tamburovich..who sang in a band called the reactionaries which later became the minutemen after he left the band)

it was fashioned after the SST label...and after the 1985 death of d. boon...greg ginn bought the label from mike watt and martin tamburovich...and turned it into a jazz/spoken-word/instrumental label

this was the label's first release
with obligatory raymond pettibon cover art

1 - minutemen - 9:30 may 2
2 - black flag - clocked in
3 - saccharine trust - hearts and barbarians
4 - kindled imagination - cowboy and indian scene
5 - artless entanglements - how's the blood taste? pt.2
6 - sharp corners - me too


bucky punk said...

hey, great post!!! i was wondering if you could post the name of my blog on yours and i will do the same. thanks. check it out,

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite flag tack of all time! Dez rules!

Novemberer said...

Great post, I've been looking for this for a while... x

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