Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ministry - in case you didn't feel like showing up

released 1990

"your windows will break, your pets will die, your neighbors will melt and you and your friends will soon fall into a pulsating heap on the ground, stimulants notwithstanding"
-some random guy

and you know...that's not all that far off from the truth about ministry back in the day...before al jourgensen kicked the habits and became an imitation of his former self...and i'm not saying that in a hateful way...i celebrate the entire ministry catalog (yes...even the early britpop days....but i'll stay far far FAR away from their last "release" of covers)...and after they'd released the psalm 69 just seemed like they couldn't recapture that old piss and vinegar attitude anymore...until they finally released psalm 69 pt.s 2 (aka "rio grande blood")...and even then it was "yeah...but it's been done already al"

this was the air raid that was ministry back in the heyday...the stumbling around the stage like a drunken buffoon...

and al's f-word laden rant at the end is just tops

so squeeze that backside of yours into your old leather bondage pants...lace up those boots...pour some tea into that jack daniels bottle...crank this to a respectable volume...and show the kids how it was done

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