Sunday, October 19, 2008

fucked up - epics in minutes

released in 2004

" is coming up soon...what do you want?"
"um..there's this band...and i want their album"
"and what is this band called,dear?"
"um..i'm afraid to say their name"
"come on now...if you don't give me a name...i don't know what to tell santa"
" santa it's fucked up"


"go to your just wait until your father gets home"
"oh maaaaaaan"

punk rock.

these 5 canadians take you back to a time when punk was something to be afraid of...and it wasn't dressed up in safety pins and neon mohawks

vocalist damian abraham (aka "pink eyes") has one of the angriest voices in hardcore...and if you've ever seen wouldn't want to meet him in a dark bathroom...and could very well be the basis for the misfits song "horror business"

the band is notorious for releasing nothing but singles (they've only released three full lengths)...and because of them...there is no more moshing allowed on mtv live in canada (they've played the show twice...the first time resulted in over $2,000 in damages)

so if you liked the murder-suicide pact album...and you can appreciate the finer aspects of baiting skinheads in the front'll be sure to enjoy this

and can just ask for socks and underwear for christmas

and now...the reason the mosh is no longer allowed in the mtv live studio...



Manel said...

don´t believe the hype,
don´t believe the hype

fred said...

Yes. These bros played at WMUC a couple of weeks ago. Quality.

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