Tuesday, October 28, 2008

C Average - C Average

Year: 1998
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Well, that Karp post down below got my dander up to post some C Average, so thar she blows.
In the incestuous Pacific Northwest music scene of the 1990's, C Average were a duo (occasionally a trio when assisted by Joe Preston, or backing Eddie Vedder(?!)) dedicated to the mission of returning rocknroll to nerds. Let fantasy reign supreme! This record is riddled with orcs, warlocks, wizards, and trolls, a veritable treasure trove of Dungeons and Dragons ribaldry. And the counterpoint to all this geekdom? How about some sludgy cum epic metal? Mostly instrumental, rife with technical prowess, and owing much to the Blue Cheers and Black Sabbaths of the world, this record avoids the tongue and cheek "irony" of a band like Fucking Champs. C Average aren't trying to pull one over on you, as much as they're trying to pull you in. Join them in their tree fort (no girls allowed...duh) and listen to old ZZ Top, Sonics, Pink Floyd, and hell, why not the Queen "Flash Gordon" soundtrack? 
If you like Karp, Big Business, Melvins, Rush, obscure 70's heavy prog, and acne, peep this. And if you like this record, let me know and I'll get their other album up here too.


David Snusgrop said...

"Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team."

adicts714 said...

Hi, could you please re-up

Arcwelder - Pull


Gray said...

check back tomorrow, sunday, and i'll have both this album, and the request above filled.

seems like the record labels are cracking down with mediafire, and cleaning out files before i can even get them posted. sucks.

stay vigilant.

piki said...

great music, man. hope you re-up it soon. plus some other albums :)

Anonymous said...

please re-up! thanks!

clintellectual said...

i know im a little late to this game but could you re-up me some c-average?

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