Wednesday, October 1, 2008

antlers - self-titled

released 2007

this band out of richmond,va is made of up several members from several bands (gregor samsa...mass movement of the moth!...if you are who you say you are...olive tree...resonance)

and of course the band sounds like little bits and pieces of the members other bands...but when they delve into the instrumentals (which makes up 98% of this)...they sound like the chicago instrumental band piglet

so if you like any of the bands that have ever played THE FEST in gainesville,'ll dig on this

and they have horns AND a theremin


dirty judas said...

as soon as I saw the name "Antlers" I thought of Richmond and I have never even heard of this band

Addy Goldberg said...

Speaking of Piglet... Piglet?! Can you post some?

Addy Goldberg said...

Oh wait, you already posted Piglet. Thanks a ton. And also, these guys are great. And so is Piglet. Got any more Antlers in ya?

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